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In 2007 the Academy was awarded the Grand Prize at the first All-Russia “Innovations in education” contest
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Educational Scientific Centers

-         Strategic development center -         Quality of education center -         Professional education development center -         Applied psychology education center -         Risks and socio-psychological aid monitoring center -         Socio-pedagogical support of childhood managing center -         Educational projects support center -         Data processing regional center
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Science and Research

The Academy of Public Administration (ASOU) is a multi-disciplinary educational and research center not only of the regional level. Scientists of ASOU have made a lot of scientific discoveries belonging patents and copyright certificates for inventions. Much attention is paid to the scientific work of students and post-graduate students, the…
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Student Union - a voluntary organization which brings students together and helps to guide them on their way through the Academy of Social Management (ASOU). The Student Union plans and organizes a range of social and artistic events, and contributes to professional development through a variety of information initiatives, in…
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History of ASOU

Moscow Regional Institute of Additional Professional Education for Teachers being renamed into Moscow Regional Institute of Advanced Training for Teachers and later on into Pedagogical Academy of Post-Graduate Education was established in 1930. The Academy of Public Administration is the inheritor of the above-mentioned harbingers.                                                                                                                                                           ASOU, which, in Russian,…
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In order to enable International department to go through all formalities for an invitation, the following data is necessary for The International Relations Department:

1. The aim of your visit and the name of the person who had invited you. 2. A photocopy of the passport, i.e. the one with your photo (sometimes photocopies are unclear, please send us the additional information on block letters: passport number and terms of passport validity). 3. The…
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The objectives and goals of International Relations Department

- admission of foreign students - realization of academic mobility of the ASOU students and faculty - coordination of different international projects - processing of foreign business trips for the ASOU faculty and staff - processing of foreign scholarships for the ASOU students - preparation of draft agreements with foreign…
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International Relations Department The Academy of Public Administration (ASOU) International Relations Department as an element of the ASOU educational, research and innovational development was founded in April 2015 for coordination and practical realization of international cooperation with foreign partners. Our primary goal is to encourage the ASOU integration into the…
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