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International Relations Department

The Academy of Public Administration (ASOU) International Relations Department as an element of the ASOU educational, research and innovational development was founded in April 2015 for coordination and practical realization of international cooperation with foreign partners. Our primary goal is to encourage the ASOU integration into the world research, educational and informational field.

Today the ASOU cooperates with more than 10 partners worldwide.

With the help of foreign embassies and active student participation, International Relations Department organizes different cultural and research activities such as exhibitions, conferences, concerts, presentations of famous writers and days of national cultures, etc. Cultural Cooperation with foreign partners gives a wonderful opportunity to learn more about national  traditions and customs, history and languages of different countries.

Head of International Relations Department: Sergey N. Volkov

Head Specialist of International Relations Department: Stanislaw I. Ksenzhik


Tel: +7(495) 354-82-47, +7(495)354-82-74, extension 126

E-mail: volkov_sn@asou-mo.ru