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History of ASOU

Sunday, 10 April 2016 00:36
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Moscow Regional Institute of Additional Professional Education for Teachers being renamed into Moscow Regional Institute of Advanced Training for Teachers and later on into Pedagogical Academy of Post-Graduate Education was established in 1930. The Academy of Public Administration is the inheritor of the above-mentioned harbingers.

                                                                                                                                                          ASOU, which, in Russian, stands for the Academy of Public Administration, was founded on September 06, 2004 by the decree of Moscow Region’s Governor Boris Gromov. The necessity of its creation was caused by the demand of highly-skilled staff aimed at management of social processes and need for scientific provision of pedagogical system in Moscow Region.

The Academy is a state institution of higher professional education of Moscow Region effecting educational, cultural and scientific activities in the area of secondary, higher education and additional professional education.


From the outset ASOU was intended to become a unique academic research and education center. It quickly became Moscow Region’s leading training institution, with ASOU professors making a major contribution across the fields of teaching and upbringing. Additionally, it took a position at the forefront of scientific endeavor, with the establishment of 5 renowned scientific research and methods centers, 8 scientific practical centers , 40 chairs and departments, and as the workplace of many outstanding Russian scientists including 304 doctors of Philosophy and 58 members of different scientific academies.

The range of academic disciplines being offered is constantly expanding, with new departments and scientific centers.

Founded as an academy to forge professionals for regional needs, ASOU has today become a unique regional humanities center with a reputation for scientific excellence.

ASOU comprises three faculties: Faculty of Management, Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogics, Faculty of Additional Professional Education with the specializations in Management, State and Municipal Management, Psychology, Foreign Languages, Tourism and Hotel Business.

The Academia’s founder is The Ministry of Education of Moscow Region.

The state license is №0458, dated 07.12.12. The state accreditation is №1388, dated 20.07.15.

Lidya Antonova, Doctor of Pedagogics, Alexander Asmolov, Doctor of Psychology and Vecheslav Ivannikov, Doctor of Psychology have become the inspirers of the Academy’s foundation.

The Rector of ASOU Academy is Alexander Salov, Doctor of Philosophy, Chairman of Scientific Council.

The Scientific Supervisor of the Academy is Alexander Asmolov, Doctor of Psychology, Member of Russian Academy of Education. Under his tenure ASOU has embarked on a comprehensive program of educational modernization and innovation, including closer integration with European higher education, through entrance into the Bologna process, the broadening of international contacts.

Every year ASOU accepts new students, from many regions of the Russian Federation. Students from C.I.S. (Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Ukraine) are also studying at the moment.

We are successfully starting our international cooperation with the educational institutions around the world being deeply interested in mutually-beneficial corroboration and membership in various international associations and unions.