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The objectives and goals of International Relations Department

Sunday, 10 April 2016 00:33
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- admission of foreign students

- realization of academic mobility of the ASOU students and faculty

- coordination of different international projects

- processing of foreign business trips for the ASOU faculty and staff

- processing of foreign scholarships for the ASOU students

- preparation of draft agreements with foreign partner Universities 

- conclusion of agreements for admission of foreign students

- issue of necessary documents: student ID, permission documents etc.

- organization of Summer and Winter international programs

- accommodation at the ASOU dormitory

- meeting and parting of teachers and students at airports 

- processing of invitations at Federal Migration Service for foreign undergraduate and postgraduate students, professors and researches

- processing of visas for foreign business trips (For the ASOU staff)

- processing of invitations and business visas for foreign teachers

- registration of duration of stay and extension of visas for foreign students, researches and scientists

- registration and extension of duration of stay for CIS citizens

- preparation and organization of international conferences and seminars

- organization of joint cultural activities with the help of foreign embassies

- organization of public lectures of international professors, public figures and politicians


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