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Student Union - a voluntary organization which brings students together and helps to guide them on their way through the Academy of Social Management (ASOU). The Student Union plans and organizes a range of social and artistic events, and contributes to professional development through a variety of information initiatives, in addition to providing an effective cooperation mechanism between students and the Academy administration.

Student Science Society (NSO) - conducts research activities and practical workshops. Its participants have the opportunity to gain practical experience and carry out their own research projects. The NSO is organized in the form of interest clubs. 

The ASOU Cultural Center hosts entertainment and creative activities for students and graduates in the Academy, including balls, discos, New Year parties, alumni meetings and a range of other events. In addition to the vocal, theatrical and dance groups, there is a fine arts studio and film society, as well as many other projects in which ASOU students are actively involved. 

Major Events

Freshmen Day - A cultural and sports event held in September to congratulate newcomers with joining the ASOU “club”. The event program includes a greeting from the rector, an initiation ceremony for first-year students, followed by a range of sports, a concert, and a disco.

Friendship Evening - A concert and dining event organized by the Student Union, which provides an outstanding example of friendship, tolerance, youth and love.

Theatrical performances – The Theatre Studio offers classic and contemporary drama productions.  Foreign language department also often presents its own short productions in English.

Miss and Mister ASOU - A contest that has become a tradition, allowing young women studying at the University to show their individuality, uniqueness and charm.

 Day of the Academy – The homecoming of alumni, which takes place in October.

Social Activities:

-         help for disabled children;

-         help for aged people;

-         help for war veterans;

-         participation in various charity activities (balls and marathons).

Volunteer Activities

The students of the Academy have been participating in different cultural and sport events held by Moscow and Moscow Region’s governments including championships of Europe and the World.